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We confirm reservations 48 hours in advance and ask that guests either to confirm or cancel their reservation within 24 hours of their reservation. Should you not arrive for your reservation or cancel your reservation with adequate notice, we charge a $25 per person cancellation fee.

Dietary Restrictions

We take allergies seriously and to avoid the potential of product crossover we ask that you inform us upon making reservations. We strive to keep a balanced menu with offerings for vegetarian and pescetarians alike.

Chef’s Counter

Our Chef's Counter, is bar seating directly in front of our open kitchen, it's an opportunity to experience both Chef Matthew and our line cooks preparing dishes and all the hard work and dedication it takes each service. For reservations here, simply place a request for this seating in your Opentable notes or call us [415.771.7779] to make this request.

Wine Bar

Our bar is dedicated to walk-in guests. Once the Wine Bar is fully seated, we begin a waitlist and will contact guests once the seating becomes available.

Large Parties

Due to the intimate size of our dining room, we are unable to accommodate parties larger than 4 guests. Split party reservations will not be honored. For restaurant buyouts, please contact us at

Gift Certificates

For gift certificate purchase, you can visit us in person or purchase by selecting the button below.